SpreeWa Fenster und Türen

SpreeWa Fenster und Türen is a medium-sized company in the window and door industry. With our team of around 25 employees at our site, we produce high-quality plastic and aluminium windows and doors. Plus, we offer highly-insulated and stylish wooden and wood-aluminium windows and doors in line with the latest standards. Rolling blinds, interior doors, garage doors, and insect protection systems complete our line of products. Our qualified team of installers will assemble the components for you on the scheduled date in a clean and professional manner.

Take advantage of our ability to offer the perfect window or door for any building project you might have in mind. You will benefit from our over 20 years experience in the construction of windows and doors. Let one of our sales representatives on-site or in our showroom address your individual needs, such as handicapped-accessible patio doors, burglar-deterrence, or roller shutters controllable by smart phone, in addition to other details.

At SpreeWa you’ll find the windows and doors to match any style and fulfil with confidence any architectural dream of creating the perfect façade. Custom-designed solariums and patio roofs - that are chic and comfortable besides - complete our product line. By offering expert suggestions and tips as early as the planning phase, we wish to provide all of our customers valuable support in the decision-making process.

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