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7 reasons for new windows

Windows are real all-rounders: they can reduce energy costs, improve the indoor climate, reduce noise, deter burglars - in short: they noticeably increase your quality of life. Important requirement: The quality must be right. Our high-quality product range offers windows made of solid wood, plastic, aluminum or an aluminum-wood combination. Each product is available in different safety and sound insulation levels and can therefore be individually adapted to your requirements. We are happy to advise you!

1. reason:

Lower energy costs

Low energy consumption protects the environment and reduces costs. That's why high-quality windows with strong insulation properties are of vital importance when it comes to the energy balance of your home. With our high-performance energy-saving windows made of plastic, wood or an aluminum-wood combination, the heat stays where you want it. This saves resources - and lots of money!

2. reason:

Reduce noise

Noise can make you sick. Therefore, effective noise insulation in living and working spaces is extremely important! The required degree of damping can vary from room to room. Our modern soundproof windows with different insulation grades ensure a pleasant rest in your home or office. We are happy to advise you!

3. reason:

Increase security

Especially in the dark season, the risk of burglaries increases. That's why durable and resilient security windows are essential when it comes to a safe home. First-class workmanship and high technical standards are particularly important here. Our windows safety package: locking plates bolted to the frame, jimmy-proof pins in several places and a rotation-inhibited handle with drill-out protection. There are different levels of security available.

4. reason:

Increase quality of life

Windows are much more than the eyes of your house. They also have a profound influence on what happens on the inside. High-quality windows support a healthy room climate, reduce stress through reliable noise protection and protect your home from uninvited guests thanks to sophisticated safety technology. This makes it clear that first-class windows contribute to a sustainable increase in your quality of living and thus your quality of life. Let us advise you!

5. reason:

Improve brightness

Windows let brightness into the house, and the right light is known to be balm for the soul. Therefore, light-flooded architecture with generous window areas is also extremely popular. We are happy to advise you during your construction project, and assist you in terms of window construction and lighting concept.

6. reason:

Climate protection

Whoever lets the heat escape through their windows does not only harm his own wallet, but also the environment. Our energy-saving windows with high-quality 3-pane heat protection glazing and high-quality sealing system help you to heat your house loss-free and climate-friendly. This not only saves money but also resources.

7. reason:

Appreciation of the property

Anyone who builds or renovates a house creates something for generations. For a building to remain in excellent condition for a long time, the right windows are of enormous importance. Because both a perfect installation and the best quality in terms of tightness and workmanship have a measurable impact on the building fabric. But even the impression that it makes counts: You can just see the quality of good windows - a big plus for the external impact.